Friday, November 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Craft Idea: Turkey Tablescape with Burlap pockets

Thanksgiving is a holiday I don't normally do a lot of crafting for - cooking the meal is enough work.  However, this year, I decided to plan in advance for what my table would look like when I place that amazing dinner on it.  I created this Turkey Tablescape using mostly items I had, with a few crafty additions using burlap, jute and paper rosettes.

There are two main parts of the tablescape: the Burlap pockets for each placesetting, and the Paper Rosette bouquet using the Cricut.   Today's post will focus on the burlap pocket tutorial, and we'll cover the paper rosette bouquet early next week.

I can't be the only mom who's bought several sets of silverware over the years and finds herself with a random assortment, right?  That's why I really like the burlap pockets -- they hold the napkin while also hiding the mismatched silverware I have.  Tie a little jute bow around the random knife, fork and spoons you have, and they'll look so cute nobody will notice that they don't match.  Plus, each person will have all the utensils they need for the whole meal.  No searching through drawers looking for a spoon for dessert.

Plus, you can re-use the burlap pockets for other ocaasions.  Just change the deoration on top, or use them without an added embellishment.

Here's how to make the burlap pockets:

Start with a roll of burlap ribbon with finished edges - this is easier than using burlap by the yard, as it saves a step. 
  1. Cut a 17" length of the burlap ribbon. 
  2. Fold down one edge by about 1 inch.
  3. Using a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine, sew across the edge.
  4. Fold up the pocket so the finished, clean edge you just made is about 5" from the bottom.
  5. Sew a zig zag seam on each side of the pocket to secure edges.
  6. Fold down the top edge by about 1 inch, and hem as above.
  7. Trim any excess burlap under the top and bottom edges to neaten them up.
  8. Add the silverware and napkin, and place in center of plate.
  9. Place a paper rosette on the top of each pocket.   No need to glue it down - your guests may even want to take it home. 

You can find more Thanksgiving ideas at the Celebrate the Season website.  Or, browse the Holiday Craft Brochure.

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Please note: This project is part of the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Celebrate the Season campaign.  I received compensation to purchase supplies for this review.  However, as with all content on my blog, the above project and comments are completely my own, based on my own experience.


Anonymous said...

I love it, Jean. Great job! I especially love the lace over burlap look and the pocket utensil holders.

Niki said...

LOVE it.
Table looks great.