Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jewel Blocks

Here's where I am on my Kaffe Fasset Jewel Blocks quilt discussed on Episode 16 - hubby helped me pick out the border fabrics, think he did pretty well.

I bought some fun multi-colored thread that I'm planning to use for quilting it.

Can't wait to use more of my KF fabric - I love, love, love it!
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Karen said...

Love your podcast and your current quilt. I also am a huge Kaffe fan and I'm thrilled to be signed up for a class of his this Thursday. It is on color and will be taught by Kaffe and Brandon Mobly. I can't wait to make my first Kaffe quilt. You should see my stash I have been hoarding like it is gold. Time to cut into it!

Quilted Cupcake said...

Wow, Karen. That sounds awesome. Where are you taking the class? I am so jealous!

Karen said...

It is in the NC mountains. The shop owner's son works with the company that produces the Kaffe fabrics. I'll let you know how it goes. The class is limited to 25 people so I think there will be some great interaction. They said it will consist of picking fabrics, designing on our design wall and not sewing. It will focus almost all the day on color and fabric choices and how to arrange them. We will be working on the Diagonal Madness quilt pg.61 in the KF Country Garden Quilts book.