Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloweeeeen Happenings

As I thought may happen, we arrived home from our trip last weekend too late to record a podcast on schedule.  So, the next Episode will be posted on Sunday, November 1st.  Lots of fun antique shopping, and quilt shops to report on - stay tuned!

Thanks to the folks who have donated to my Alzheimer's Walk - there's still time if you're so inclined.  T

In the meantime, here's a quick pic of a project I completed yesterday.  I was so inspired by one of the shops at Shupp's Grove - wish I could remember the name of it. The artist repurposed old teapots and coffee percolators into pumpkins and snowmen - cool, yes?  Here's my version, made from an aluminum paint can the hubby brought home from work.  He sits on a cake plate on my entertainment center, with fun Halloweenie lights to make him glow.  Very fun!

Sorry for the bad pic- hard to get a clear pic and show the lights, you know?


Phyllis said...

Hi Jean,
Thanks for podcasting. I am a long time quilter and knitter and love your show. I am following you on Twitter now, too, (phyl2522). Glad you joined. Congrats on your Alz. quilt that went to Houston.
Cheers from Northern California,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,
Thanks for the tutorial. I'd love to actually try it and if I do, I'll send pics. Love the chimes and the jack o lantern and the bag. Boy, are you busy!! Tami