Sunday, November 1, 2009

Episode 17 Show Notes, Business Card Holder Tutorial

Here are the directions for making the business card holder from Episode 17 of the podcast:


Outer fabric (at least 10 in. x 5 in.)
Scrap of lining fabric (at least 10 in by 5 in.) - I started with a larger piece and trip
Light to midweight iron-on interfacing (10 inch by 5 inch)
Thread to match outer and lining fabric

Step One:  Cut Outer Fabric to size:  9 inches by 4.5 inches

Step Two:  Cut interfacing to same size as outer fabric (no picture of that). Iron the interfacing to back of outer piece.

Step Three: Layer the outer piece to lining piece, right sides together - this is important!  You should see the interfacing.  If not, you'll turn it, and you'll still see the interfacing later --(hmm.. wonder how I know that?)
As shown, I leave the lining fabric a little larger than the cut pieces, makes it easier to sew, you'll trim it after sewing.

Step Four:  Start sewing up - leaving a hole in one short end to allow for turning - see photo.

Step 5:  Trim edges of lining even with outer fabric, leaving 1/4 inch seam.  Clip off corners, and turn (no photo of trimming step, but check out the turning action shot below!)

Step Six: Iron that sucker again, nice and flat

Step Seven:  Check your thread - be sure to match it with the outer and lining fabric. Sew across short ends on outside.  During this step, you'll be closing the little hole you left for turning.

Step Eight: Fold up each end to form the 2 pockets - approx. 1.5 inches wide, pin to hold in place

Step Nine: Sew along 2 longer sides on outside of fabric, creating pockets as you sew.

Here's what it looks like after sewing long sides:

Final step: more ironing - this is really important, as it puts the crease in the top, and finishes everything up!

Now, it's done - insert cards, and enjoy!  Make them as gifts for all your friends this Christmas!

Please let me know if you're able to use this tutorial, and post pictures of your creations in my Flickr group.

p.s. - if you want to make a checkbook cover, you can follow the same steps above, just adjusting the sizes to fit your checkbook.

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Check back often for more project updates!


Anonymous said...


I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but something didn't work right and it didn't post.

I love your tutorial here about the card covers. I should make one for my checkbook, but I am afraid if I do, it will "melt" into the same little scrap of fabric I always see around and will lose the checkbook.

I love hearing about the places you go and the things you see and the stories of you and your sister crafting.

Good tip on the chopsticks!

And good luck getting ready for your craft fair!

Niki said...

When is the craft fair?
Are you gonna post any of those card holders to Etsy?
I really need a new business card holder and i think we both know that i'm not going to make one...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jean - I really loved this episode! Thank you so much for your vivid memory because I always get to feel like I'm in Lancaster with you:) Your show just keeps getting better and better.

PS - the picture of you is gorgeous!!!

Ruthann said...

Hi, Jean. I loved your podcast and fell in love with the wind chimes. My local Salvation Army has loads of orphan tableware -- I think I need to make one for my kitchen! Also, great tutorial for the business card holder. They'll make perfect stocking stuffers.

Ruthann (Mirkwood Designs)

Michelle said...

I am wanting to make a few of these for Christmas, however I'm wanting to attach a key ring....will let you know if I figure that out...