Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hanging our Stockings

Well, we don't have a fireplace, and never have. So, our stockings get hung on the staircase railing. The top two are versions I made a long time ago. The crocheted hexagon one I made for my hubby before we were married, so it's at least 20 years old. The counted cross stitch model is the one it took a year to complete. I don't want to know how many stitches in that puppy. I hope my son plans to use it the rest of his life. I may let him have it when he gets married, not before, though! The pink one is a vintage-look quilted one I started last year, and finished with the lacey top this year. That one's for me.

We're in the midst of a huge snowstorm here in MD, expecting 20 - 30 " of snow, which is unusual for us. We never had so much snow in December as long as I remember. I'm excited as the kids -- I'll have lots of inside time to craft, and finish up holiday gifts. Doubt we'll make it out to the store any time soon!

Hope your preparations are going well!
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Jane said...

Stay warm & have a merry Christmas!

k said...

Lotta color changes on Rob's stocking. I can't believe K still has the crocheted one! Very vintage!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother made us crocheted stockings very similar to Kirk's and we hung them from the railing on the steps too. Donna

Anonymous said...

Love the stockings! I also LOVE your podcast!

Anonymous said...

loving u from a far... I love your quilted stocking; I may have to convert afterall.