Monday, December 14, 2009

Quilted Cupcake Podcast Episode 20 Show Notes

The podcast's up!  Here are some of the photos discussed in the show.  More to come via flickr this week.

My new (old) elf

My Santa Collection, with new Thrifted Additions

Betty the Dress Form, ready for the holidays

Teacup Pincushion Made for me by my sister Kelly - she even made the cute pins!

Softies I've made:

Marcus "The Monkey" Sockington

Embroidered Towels for Christmas

Books Mentioned:

One Yard Wonders
I Love Patchwork
Inside of a Dog

Softies Only a Mother Could Love
Itty Bitty Toys

Leah Day's Blog: 365 Days of Freemotion Quilting


Ellyn said...

oh my gosh, we had elves exactly like that one on our tree when I was a kid! I can't wait to download the podcast now...

Vals Quilting said...

Hi Jean, as usual I love your podcast...I wanted to send you a quick note about what to do with your earnings from your show. You said you wanted to invest it into something big, but not to big, but you didn't want fabric, you wanted something that will last longer...Well I have a few suggestions for your: Anything Ginger, a couple of years ago I tried the Gingher scissors at a quilt day with my guild and they are a truly great supply to have all of the sizes would be a valuable and life lasting investment. I would also recommend the rotary cutter and mats...any of the line would be money well spent (I carry all of these on my site, maybe you would be interested in a trade). Also, another must have would be a plexi table for your sewing machine such a great addition to your working space...
Just my suggestions.
Keep up the good work!!
Valerie Moss

Scientific Quilter said...


Thanks for mentioning me on your podcast. The tea towels are great, Betty looks jazzy, and can't wait to see what you come up with over the holiday.

Ellyn said...

ok, finally got a few minutes to myself to listen! Love the podcast. Here's my pincushion tip. Crushed walnut shells are a great filler, they give your pincushion some weight & also sharpen your pins & needles. But they are expensive in tiny bags at the quilt store.... want to know where they get them? At the pet store! You buy a bag of "lizard litter", it's a huge bag & I think I paid $7 for mine. It's what they put in the bottom of lizard cages. Fills tons of pin cushions! I put mine in a plastic bin with a lid, along with a scoop & cheap plastic funnels for pincushion filling. No mess!

Debby, crowefan0517 said...

I listened to this podcast while driving about a week ago but didn't get to check out the blog post until today and I just had to smile when I saw the picture of the elf. I had no idea what elf you were referring to but as soon as I saw the pic I remembered seeing them when I was younger also. I know my mom had at least one and maybe more. Thanks for the memory!