Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Episode 21 Show Notes: The Cupcake Show

My applique cupcake pattern – now free via Scribd as a thank you to all of of you– see the link on sidebar of my blog.    I'd appreciate any folks who could add a Quilted Cupcake link to your blog or lists.  Please feel free to link to the free pattern, and use the photo below on your site.

My Cupcake Collection on the $5 WM stand

New Cupcake from Target

The Machine Apron I created with Heidi Grace's Cucpake Fabric - so handy to have scissors, etc. readily available at my machine.  I made the pattern up as I went along.

Here's a link to the McCalls fabric from Hancock Fabrics

Cupcake Bakeries

Magnolia Bakery
Cupcakestop Truck
 Behold - The Frosting Shot!!!

 The elusive Frosting Shot - the Associated Press did a whole story on these babies - here's a link to Dallas Morning News story.  Prepare to drool.

 Cupcake Baking Links

Cupcake Recipes
Bakerella - she just posted adorable snowman pops!

Cupcakes on the Web  
Top 10 Cupcake Blogs
Cupcakes Take The Cake
Cake Wrecks

Flickr Groups
Cupcake Stuff
Cupcake Love
Cupcake Planet
It’s Your Cupcake, Cupcake
Cake Fun

Cupcake Crafts
 Red Velvet Art - Sweet Tooth Embroidery Pattern  only $3!
 Candyland Post from Cupcake Julie, neighbor to Bakerella

Knit and Crochet Cupcake Patterns on Ravelry (most are free!)
 Cupcake Dishcloth
Cupcake Pincushion
Cupcake Softie
Cupcake Hat (for birthdays and more)
Hostess cupcake hat

Quilting Cupcakes

McCall’s Quilt from the Heartland - Hey Cupcake Pattern

 Magazine Review

Crafts and Things – February 2010 - issue guest-reviewed by my sis, Kelly

Kelly's Blog is Lucy's Daughter - she posted pics from our recent thrift trips

Sparkling Cupcake Ornament Designed by Cheryl Ball  (ilovetocreate.com) and (stillcraftyafter50.blogspot.com)
Adorable Cupcake Apron Design by Cheryl
Cupcake Stamps - these are the crafting cupcakes from www.tayloredexpressions.com, so cute, I can't stand it!
Kelly made these adorable tiny cupcakes from Sculpey clay - pattern in the issue

Even More Cupcake Stuff to Buy:  
Wilton Cupcake Pan
Kohls.com cupcake stuff on clearance - great inspiration here
Do you have any cupcake recipes, crafts or collections to share?  Please let us know in the comments!
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Anonymous said...


I think I gained 5 pounds listening to your podcast - just kidding.

I was looking through my blog reader this morning and on Make they found a 100 cupcake game blog post. Amazing - you HAVE to check it out. Great timing on their part too!


Robyn said...

Frosting shots??? Oh my. Where can I get one?

Anonymous said...

One more cupcake topping found:


ozzypip said...

In Australia we call them patty cakes traditionally although more and more people are calling them cup cakes .... which I resist wholeheartedly. My mum used to make a famous 1 2 3 4 cake. 1 cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of flour and 4 eggs (plus enough milk to make it the right consistency and whatever flavouring you choose) She would make slab cakes, round cakes and patty cakes from this mixture. With 8 kids she needed to make things in bulk. She would hardly get a chance to ice them as we would love to eat them hot!