Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Here's Mabel the Monkey from Softies only a Mother Could Love - love how the repro fabrics look here

Perhaps she'll be my new mascot to post when my business or life keeps me too busy to blog.  It's been a little crazy over the last week or so - for good reasons and bad.  Good: new client, client pitches, client work, Ravens playoff win, kid in driving class   Bad: neighbor's MIL passed away, and I'm helping her deal.

Still planning to post a new podcast this weekend, though.  That's a priority!


Unknown said...

so cute!

Amanda Naomi said...

Hi Jean

I have just found your podcast on iTunes and i absolutely love it! I have downloaded the past podcasts and have been catching up every day on the train on the way to work. Listening to your podcasts is so inspiring, keep up the fantastic work.

Amanda in Australia :)

gracielynn's said...

SO Darling !! LoL ! Cute choice of fabrics :-)