Monday, January 18, 2010

Podcast Ep. 22 Show Notes: Snowman Show

Check out these fun snowmen, mentioned on Ep. 22

Upside down Snowman from Girl on the Roof via Flickr 
Drunky the Snowman also via Flickr
Snow Job - made for my office Halloween party
Vintage ornament

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs - awesome book for those with little ones!

Here's the Snowman Tree made from juice bottles
Here's one version of my Snowman Tree - I change it a little each year

My Fifth Avenue Infinity Scarf - free pattern via Ravelry.

Look for more project pictures this week!

The big list of Snowman Links from Episode 22:

Snowman Groups on Flickr

Snowmen and Women
Sizzling Snowmen

Snowman Food Ideas
Defrosty the Snowman
Snowman Cake
Host a Snowman Party – Family Fun traditions idea

Snowman Crafts
Melty the Snowman
Snowman Chair Covers
Sock Snowfolk
Stack a Snowman
Frost-Free Snowman
Build your Own Snowman Card
Soapy Snowmen

Knit and Crochet Snow People
Toybox Snowman by Jean Greenhowe
Cable Snowman Mittens – Jean Gifford
Snowman amigurumi by Lion Brand
Lumpy, Rosy and Slip

Snowy Embroidery Patterns
Aunt Martha: Snowman for Tea Towels

Snowy Quilting and Sewing Ideas

Advent Calendar by Brandy at CheCraft
Based on Sew Mama Sew pattern by Elizabeth Hartman
Snowman Block of the Month - Bunny Hill Designs – it’s free!
Happy2Sew’s appliqué snowman block

Also from Bunny Hill Designs – Pattern called “Snowman Country”
Love the colors chosen by Smorie Lorrie  for Snowman Country on Flickr – fresh, contemporary

Snowball Blocks Instructions
Smores Fabric by Me and My Sister Design by Moda  -  any ideas for a pattern that I can use for this?


Kathy said...

I love your blog! It always makes me smile.

crowefan0517 said...

I love snowmen too. Your scraf is beautiful! Thanks for a great podcast as usual!

-debby, chester ny

Fibre Woman said...

Your infinity scarf is actually a meobius scarf. This means that it only has one side. Try tracing it and you will see that you go all the way around both sides of the scarf and both sides are really just one.

See here for an example:

Jaye said...

Here is a snowman quilt for you:


Nichey Zollman said...

A pattern that I often use for my "special" fabric is the BQ Quilt Pattern by Maple Island Quilts. The quilt on the outside of the pattern has 18" finished blocks, but inside they include directions for a 9" finished block.

Another go-to pattern that I use is the 9-Patch Pizzazz by Judy Sisneros.

Either one of these would make excellent use of your Smores fabric and wouldn't require fussy cutting!