Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Thrifty Day

After even more snow, had a great outing to the thrift store today. I had some major cabin fever going. Not only did it get me out of the house, it turned out to be an awesome thrifty trip - got tons of stuff for only $27.

All this fabric was about $12- great mix of vintage sheets, denim a tablecloth and yardage. Obviously, a crafter with good taste was thinning out their stash. The store had almost a whole row of fabric to browse (very unusual). I didn't pay more than $2 for any of these, and most are at least a yard - Score!:

Probably my fav. fabric find was this Ikea hearts duvet cover. I've always loved this print, but never wanted to pay full price for it in the store. I can't wait to wash it and find something to do with it. I'm thinking a bag or two - something I can look at alot.

This last thing may turn out to be a total bust, but for $5, it was worth trying out this Ronco pasta machine. It appears to have all the parts, which I am in the process of bleaching and washing. It will be nice if it works. If not, I've only wasted what I'd spend on a cup of Starbucks.

I'll report back on its performance. In the meantime, keep fingers crossed that Maryland doesn't get more snow. After 3 + feet in a week, this state just can't take anymore. People are going to start getting crazy!
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beth said...

looks like you had a fun day! I love the thrift store. what a great place to pick up fabric, huh? I bet that pasta maker will work great! let us know!

Anonymous said...

We're already crazy in PA. I trugged through ass deep snow with 4 cold beers to get to my neighbors on Friday just to say I got out of the house. My captain jumped ship on Tuesday evening. Needless to say Maria Von Trappe had nothing on me. More on the way for this week, say it isn't so. Donna

Janet said...

You have one great thrift shop! I will stop in at the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores in town and there isn't much in the fabric/sewing area. Our stores are mostly filled with clothing.