Sunday, February 7, 2010

Podcast Episode 23 Notes: I Heart Crafting

All the essentials needed for a snowstorm.....

How cool is that bird fabric?  All from Joann's - the hearts are more Heidi Grace, only 3.50/yard!  Here's a better picture of the fun Debbie Stoller Stitch Nation available at Joann's Superstore - love the colors!

Here's what our cars looked like this morning:

That's alot of digging when I'd rather be crafting - glad I have a nice husband and 2 strong boys -I only worked at it for about an hour.

Here are the two not so-great projects that I made.  A few of the Gemini Brights  blocks from Quilt Mag Feb/Mar 2010 issue.  I'll probably turn them into a tote (I only did 4 blocks this size). 

The hat will fit someone, just not me.  Maybe Marge Simpson needs something to cover her hair :)  I do love how the stitches come together on that hat.

Here's my sweet new Droid phone, with her little knitted Droid Dress - free pattern here by Brandi (Cable Cozy on Ravelry).  The app that I got from Droid market:  Tally Bee (not sure how to link this one)

Here's my first block for Snowbound  BOM- I'm planning to do mine in pink, red and blue

Links from Podcast Episode 23:

Book Kelly and I are using for our Sister BOM:  Quilt Pink  - check at AC Moore if you have one - we got this on their bargain table for $5!

Heart Craft Ideas:

You’ve Got Mail on Moda Bake Shop - hang on back of chair

Heart Block

Tutorial from Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie Studio – patchwork design

Heart Crochet free pattern – looks easy

Love Birds free crochet pattern from Lion Brand

Flickr Group: Hearts All Hearts

 With Hearts and Hands Blog:  List of 100 links to free heart patterns (warning, some links don’t work, but most do):
Also on this blog:
Tutorial for making a sewing machine pad with pockets
Tutorial for heart-shaped potholder

Good article showing how to make a heart block

Here's the Lost Podcast I love from Jay and Jack - it's on iTunes.  They just went to Hawaii and got to meet the stars, and see the premiere.  I love that they're just regular guys who love the show like me.

Martha's crayon hearts tutorial


raebeth said...

From a link from "with hearts and hands" blog, I've just entered the jelly roll quilt along from "moose on the porch quilts" blog. It starts March 1 with a new block every 2 weeks. I've never bought a jelly roll, it's going to be fun picking one out! Thanks for all the links!!!

Toni said...

Jean, I LOVE that purple hat! I'm so glad that someone else thrifts for fabric and craft stuff. I was afraid I was the only one. My Goodwill lady always sees me coming--I barely walk in and she's telling me if they have any new fabric or craft items...LOL! Apparently I'm in there a bit much! Have a great day!

Philipa said...

wahhhhh. I only discovered your podcast a week or so ago and I downloaded all of them and listened to them in order, and then read the show notes. Now I am up to date....what am I going to do now till the next one comes out. Luckily I have discovered another podcast that I am enjoying so will download her back catalogue as well. Craft Sanity has been my staple for a couple of years but she hasn't posted for a little bit.... Within a Quarter Inch has also not posted for a little while (moving house with twins would take its toll)

Listening to you has inspired me to tidy my craft cupboard. As I have listened to your podcasts I have sorted all my magazines and arranged them on a bookshelf. I have cleared junk off the bookshelf and put out some of my attractive bits and pieces decoratively on the rest of the bookshelf. I have sorted some of my stuff and feel a good bit more organised... but I am going to need more podcasts to keep me going. Don't be away too long!!

LisaAnn said...

Hi Jean,
I LOVE your podcast! I hate that I have to wait for them to come out thought (LOL- I totally understand, but I'm still pouting).
The hat you knitted is probably one of the prettiest patterns I've seen yet! Sure wish I could knit somthing other than a scarf or blanket lol. Love the Droid cover too- I think I'm getting one soon and think I'll quilt a cover for it- thanks for the inspiration :)


Jaye said...

Hi Jean,
Thanks for the time you take on your podcast! Here is a cupcake project from C&T: