Monday, August 23, 2010

Episode 34 Show Notes: Organizing with Crafty Projects

I can't believe I made a skirt!  If you want to see the original inspiration, check out Amy Hooper's tutorial from Moda Bake Shop.  I ended up coming up with my own design.  The fabric is vintage sheets.  Very comfy, and fun to twirl.


My Raggedy Ann "coloring book" embroidery project in progress - My sister Kelly will be so proud!

Check out all this thread I got at the Sewing Room sale held by my guild- only $8 for all this, plus a seam ripper, machine needles and a pair of stork embroidery scissors.

Here's the boxy bag I made, using Three Bears tutorial - I use it to carry all my chargers and cords when travelling.

Book Review:  Lunch Bags!: 25 Handmade Sacks & Wraps to Sew Today (Design Collective)

For more details of this book review, please visit the new book review page (see left sidebar, top)

Links from this episode:

Silly Boo Dilly wonky star tutorial

Crazy Mom Quilts Fair and Square charity pattern PDF

Margaret's Hope Chest - a very worthy cause for our quilty efforts!

One Million Pillowcase Challenge - I'm now up to nine completed.

Knit One, Embellish Too: Hats, Mittens And Scarves With A Twist  I'm making a "smoke ring" from this book.

Museum of Folk Art Bird of Paradise Quilt

Knit Picks Kit to make knitting project bags

Little Big Girl Fridge Organizer tutorial

Little Big Girl camera strap cover with lens cover holder tutorial

Joel Dewberry's Sewn Spaces: Fresh and Modern Projects for Your Life and Home - great organizer for offices

Sugar and Cream pattern for crocheted organizer baskets

JoAnn's discount program for guild members, resellers: VIP program - save 10% on all purchases.

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Mama Pea said...

I really love that Raggedy Ann embroidery! Great job! Congrats on the skirt. Great bag for your charges when you travel, too! :-)

Have you seen the Raggedy Ann pattern at

A free bom that's really cute, too.

Julia said...

Thanks so much for the link to the skirt pattern. I love how yours turned out! Thanks!!


Olivia said...

LOVE that skirt!

jamie said...

Thanks for your comment on my t-shirt dress! I LOVE your vintage sheet skirt! Adorable!


Billie Monster said...

I love the skirt. The fabric is adorable. Great job!

Nonnie Quilting Dreams said...

Yeah... I figured out how to comment... I am listening to you while I comment. I find your quilting segments inspiring... even though I do not make projects I love looking at your stuff.

I do not understand twitter... do you do it from your phone? or do you do it from you computer. I can handle using the computer but I can not use my phone at work... TEXTING AND TWITTERING ETC is forbidden... Who would want a nurse on the phone while taking care of patients.

I also do not understand FLICKER I posted pictures but never got connected to your group.. not sure how to do it.

You would have to go to my blog to see my pictures... I finally figured out how to blog.

Loved your Raggedy Anne emboidery... If I ever retire I hope to get back into emboidery. Right now quilting and grandbabies use up my free time.

Robin Merrill said...

You have such great stuff! I just wanted to let you know that I just blogged about you at

Kelly @ PatchworkAndPaperPiecing said...

You are correct, I am proud of that Raggedy Ann embroidery! Wowsers! Can't wait to see it in person!

PJ said...

Your Raggedy Ann embroidery is so cute. I'm gonna have to find me some coloring books, too. I just joined Flickr, just don't know how to join your group:(