Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Quilt Show Entries

Back to school time is always so crazy!  Doing lots of summer wrap up stuff.  Planning for next podcast recording this weekend.

I finally decided which quilts to enter in our Flying Geese Guild Quilt Show.  One was an easy choice, the other hard.  The easy one was my mom's quilt, which I'm entering on her behalf.

She never entered a show, and I know this would have made her happy.  Can you believe all of that work was done by hand?  Piecing and quilting for a finished size of 64 inches by 90 inches.  I'm calling it Lucy's Flower Garden - that was her favorite pattern.  I had to wash it, as the kids use this one, as mom would have wanted.  She never minded seeing my boys laying on the floor with a quilt.  I love that - she never saw her quilts as too precious to use.

The hard one to decide on for the show was mine.  Because the show's in October, I decided to go with this one.  It's hard to see here, but it has buttons and lots of decorative stitching.

I'm not expecting to win, just glad I'm entering.  It will be neat to walk the show and see something I created.  I think seeing Mom's quilt will be much more special, though.


AJ (The Quilting Pot Podcast) said...

Just LOVE Lucy's Flower Garden, absolutely stunning! Such a nice thing to do in her memory. Love your whimsical quilt as well. What will you call it?

Annabelle said...

Just love the little quilt. It is so cute and well colour co-ordinated. Love your blog and feature it on my site ever since I began creating and blogging a few months ago - as it is so inspiring. Thanks!

Eve said...

WOW! That flower garden was done by hand??? How very beautiful and special that is.

And yours is lovely, I like the pumpkin out frong. Too cute :D

Vals Quilting said...

WOW that flower garden is awesome! and I think the little quilt you picked will be perfect for the show - good luck with your entry


Mary Sarah said...

Both quilts are beautiful! Your mom's quilt is amazing and yours is just too cute. I think the quilt show will be so much fun just seeing both items on display. That's exciting! Wish I could go with you.

Niki said...

They are both lovely. The fact that your mom's is completely done by hand is amazing. Congrats on entering; it takes a lot of courage to put yourself on display like that.

Not Alone said...

Beautiful blog. God bless you.