Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Friends in Crafty Places

I love my crafty friends and family.  They truly inspire me, and keep me going.  I wanted to share a few recent projects as examples:

This is a collection of quilted postcards that my big sister Janet has made for me, and my boys - how cool are they?  She creates them, and sends them through the mail.  It's always a treat to receive them, and I keep them on display in my studio.  Notice the baseball stitching on the one on the left.  Quite fun!

The second project was created by my friend Kathy, who also has a birthday this week (Happy Bday, KV!)  She made this adorable cupcake from spa socks, using her Cricut cartridges.
They're so cute, I hate to unwrap them and use them.  I will though, this winter when my tootsies get cold.  Until then, they're on display in the studio, too.   BTW, I made the little cupcake stand from a teacup and saucer I found at the thrift store.


Kathy said...

Thanks, Jean!
I made your blog, woohoo!!
Thanks for the birthday greetings.

I just sent you a "friend" suggestion on Facebook. Lots of fellow crafters on there, such a diverse group. I'm loving it and getting so many ideas. I love going into the different blogs and shops.

Take note that you can attach a link directly to your Etsy shop. This lady has a tab on there, not a hyperlink, right up top where the photos tabs, etc. are. You click on it and you're right in there.


Stephanie in Michigan said...

How fun! I have always wanted to try quilted postcards. I know what you mean about not wanting to unwrap things!

Moore Minutes said...

Oh that bottom pic would make the perfect gift for any occasion...it is JUST adorable.

Amy said...

Love the spa sock cupcake! What a great idea for a holiday gift for my girlfriends.

Unknown said...

Love the spa sock idea!! LOVE the cup and saucer stand ! So so cute!! Great idea.

Niki said...

You guys always amaze me.