Monday, August 2, 2010

Quilted Cupcake Episode 33 Show Notes: I Love New York

Here's my non-lined-up KF diamond mini quilt in progress.  

I decided that lining up the points was just not going to happen, so I went free-form.  I still like it, and it achieved my goals of using the diamond shape, and highlighting some favorite KF fabrics from the stash.

Here's the super-cute Paul Frank bag I bought in NYC - perfect for a small knitting project.  Love this so much!

The mod fabric I bought at Purl Soho.   It's by Birch Fabrics, a collection called Circa 50 - so cool!

Links from Podcast Episode 33

Fun quilter I met at our guild meeting:  George and Virginia Siciliano  Here's an example of the types of quilts he makes:

Etsy Virtual Labs - crafty events every Monday in Brooklyn, or live via the web - check out the schedule.

Meeker Avenue Flea Market/Thrift Store - in Williamsburg (Brooklyn)- awesome place!

And, I leave you with a blurry picture that I had to share of the turkey club sandwich at the Carnegie Deli.  Come on, now, seriously, this could feed 4 people:

Check back in a day or two for more crafty fun, and pics from NYC!


Vals Quilting said...

Hi Jean, it's your favourite Canadian here :) I'm a podcast behind but I ust listened to the I heart New York one and you were talking about pinwheels...and struggling with them, I just posted this great video I found somewhere on my blog giving you an excellent way to do pinwheels
check out this link you'll be amazed at how easy it is ;) enjoy!!

EngrSandi said...

Jean, thanks for your podcast. I enjoy listening to each episode. Your NY travelogue was a lot of fun. I can relate to needing to find clean restrooms everywhere; I, too, have a bladder "the size of a coin purse". (Love that description!) This knowledge came in very handy while pregnant (years ago now) and while potty training, so I refuse to be embarrassed when my DH and sons tease me about it.

Ellen said...

Your podcast was perfectly timed for me. I listened to it on the plane on my way to visit my in-laws in NYC. On your tip, I visited Pearl River and Purl SOHO. My 2 daughters (7 and 11) especially loved Pearl River. Thanks!