Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quilty Updates

Check it out - I finished my first quilt for the  Project Night Night Quilt Challenge.  A simple Thomas the Tank Engine panel with a flannel backing.  It was so easy to quilt on my new Singer Confidence Quilter.  I'm in love with my new machine!

I got together with my sister and niece yesterday (and sweet Baby J, who was SO well behaved) to work on a few projects.  We're trying to get my niece hooked on sewing and quilting.  She's working on making a quilted cosmetic bag, and is doing a great job.  My sis is about half done with her first quilt for the Quilted Cupcake Project Night Night Challenge.  She also showed me how to add the dreaded (for me) hanging pocket on the quilt show entries, so I can do that during TV time this week.

I also finished the quilted iPad cases I started last week.  You can find them in the Etsy shop.  I like the owl one best, but figured some people may need a more conservative cover for their iPad.

Hoping for a crafty week to come - my "real job" has been keeping me pretty busy!


Anorina @SameliasMum said...

I love that Owl one too... and my son came looking over my shoulder and said "oooooh thomas".

Stephanie in Michigan said...

I like the owl one, too!