Saturday, December 4, 2010

Crazy Week

Sorry to be MIA this week - had a packed week.  Ho ho ho and holly jolly and all that.  Oh, and I was sick.

The good news is that the Project Night Night quilts have all arrived (I think).  I'm photographing and cataloging them now.  I'll post an update this weekend.  Thanks again to everyone who donated.

If you're still working on a quilt, or have just sent a quilt, please let me know.   Depending on where the organization wants me to send them, I may have time to include it in the shipment.

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Staci said...

I was very interested to learn about Project Night Night. I hadn't heard of it prior to reading this post. I've been to the site and read all about it. I've been looking for a place to donate quilts, and now I have found it! Thank you very much for spreading the word about this wonderful organization. I am eager to be part of it in 2011.