Monday, January 10, 2011

Quilted Cupcake Episode 40 Show Notes

Here are some photos and links from Quilted Cupcake Episode 40

The Nook/Kindle/Ipad cases I've made for my Etsy shop:

Here's a sneak peak at the start of my Valentine String Quilt, From Elizabeth Hartman's book, Practical Guide to Patchwork, reviewed on Episode 40 - loved the book, love this pattern!

Here's the Christmas 4-block version I made as a wallhanging:

Progress on the shawl, which I've decided to call The Ravens Shawl, to celebrate its purple-ness.

Here's how my Candy Buffet turned out

Jake's Knotty but Nice Hat from a pattern - working on version 2 now.

Links from Podcast Episode 40:

Kitchen Kettle Village - place to stay in Lancaster


Nonnie said...

Hi Cupcake,
I love this string quilt pattern it has been around for eons. There are so many wonderful, traditional string quilt pattern but I think this is my favorite. I always called it bulls-eye. Great way to use up left overs.

Like the blog redo, nice to see a face when I listen to your podcast. Keep up the pod-casting.

Jean Etheridge said...

Snow day today (well, all week) here in Alabama so I had lots of time in my sewing room. Today, I listened to your blog on my iPod and really enjoyed it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, The Knotty by Nice hat looks really professional. Your knitting always seems to turn out so attractive.

I like the idea of the chocolate spoon. I think I will make the spoons for Valentine's Day. I did make the double chocolate peppermint bark and the dipped pretzel rods at Christmas. The treats turn out so nice and people just love to get them as gifts.


Jaye said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to post until the gift giving event is over. I write the post and set it up to post after I have given the gift. I use WordPress, but I also used to do that when my blog was on blogspot. Perhaps that would help you?

Anonymous said...

Hi QuiltedCupcake,

I found your podcast in mid-January and finally listened to all the episodes (started with the latest and then went backwards until I reached episode 1). I like your podcast - your style, the content, your voice is pleasent to listen to, you are prepared (not all podcasters seem to be prepared...).
I already used some of the ideas I've got through your podcast (was at Ikea last week, to buy some fabric [here in Germany the "Ikea-density" is higher than in the US, I think] and a rotating plate to make my own unexpensive rotating cutting mat...
The shownotes are a nice addition and I'm glad I found them today - I like especially the knitted hat.
I'm myself a quilter (got really infected with the virus last year, but did a few projects before), I like to knit, stitch, crochet...

With best regards
Steffi from Germany