Tuesday, March 29, 2011

iPod Touch - my new toy!

After much thinking and research, I decided to get an iPod Touch.  This thing is amazing!  Not only does it hold songs, it has wi-fi, so I can search the web, check my mail and download all those cool Apple Aps.  It has a sweet video camera, and something called FaceTime that I don't really understand.

It was the perfect solution for me.  I'd been considering switching to an iPhone, but I'm a pretty loyal Droid user.  This way, I get all the fun of the iPhone without the long term contract, or abandoning my lovely Google.  It's an iphone without the phone.  One of the reviews I saw called it a pocket-sized iPad, and I have to agree!

I use my ipod just about every day, so this is a great early birthday present for me.

Of course, I also had to knit it a little sock, and decided to make more for my Etsy shop.


Jocelyn said...

My children gave me an iPod Touch two years ago for Mother's Day and I LOVE IT! It's like having a little computer w/o all the hassle. I even took it to Europe with me last year to check my email. Way cool tool!

Melissa said...

hi, love your blog and podcast, i was just wondering if you are still making podcasts or ave they finished up?