Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quilted Cupcake News

Edited 4/20 - I'm back, and podcasting again.  See this post.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm taking a little break on my Quilted Cupcake Podcast.   At this point, I'm focusing on launching SeamedUP with my partners, and I've discovered that it's just too much to do both (plus run my business and be a mother/wife/sister/friend).  The plan is to come back to podcasting over the summer.  The existing 40 podcast episodes will remain up, and available. 

However, I'm not going to fade away from the online crafting world.  In fact, I'm in more places than ever.

In addition to SeamedUP, I'm also committed to keeping this Quilted Cupcake blog active and up-to-date, with regular posts.  You can also find me here:

my new Facebook Page

So, lots of places to find me online still, and I hope you'll stay close.   I love hearing from other crafters - it's the best thing about the web!  BTW, if you haven't "liked" my Facebook page, please do - I try to share different stuff in each online place!

And, did you know that there's a whole crop of newer quilty podcasts to explore?  Here's a list:

Katie's Quilting Corner


Hip to be a Square

Nonnie's Quilting Dreams

Quilting for the Rest of Us

Stash Resolution

Quilt Cabana Corner

Quilting Daydreams (a brand new one)

And don't forget about:

Off-Kilter Quilter

Scientific Quilter

Jackie's Quilting Chronicles

Mirkwood Designs

And of course, the "quilting pros" such as  Mark Lipinski and Pat Sloan also have ongoing podcasts.

If I've left anyone out on the list, please add them in the comments.


Sandi Colwell said...

Visit my podcast too...


Quilted Cupcake said...

So sorry, Sandi. I knew as soon as I hit "post" that I'd find out more. Thanks for adding yours in comments - I've also added yours to the original post.

Katie Ringo said...

We're losing so many great podcasters to SeamedUp! I know it is for a good cause though and can't wait till you quilters come back.

Cheryl Warren said...

sad to say I have listened to most of the podcasts on your list and the ones I heard could not hold a candle to yours. I will miss your podcasts but good luck on the other ventures.

mel said...

thanks for the update, will look forward to hearing them again in the future. best of luck wit seamed up:)