Monday, April 11, 2011

Cake Pops

I wanted to hate these Cake Pops from Starbucks.  I really did.  I scoffed at the number of calories for one little pop, I said they'd be dry or not worth it.  But, my friend and I decided to try them yesterday, purely for research purposes, and because of the dedication I have to you, my blog readers.

It was awesome!  I had the "birthday cake" pink one (of course!)  It was super moist inside and dare I say so sweet that I couldn't eat more than one.  

Makes me consider buying one of these (feel free to laugh at me).
So, has anyone tried these Starbucks cake pops?  What do you think?


Debby, crowefan0517 said...

I've never tried them (nor have I ever seen them)....but that little machine to make them is beyond cute:):):)

btw, Jean did you get my e-mail?

Chester, NY

Katie Ringo said...

Never tried them - planned on making some but still have not. Pioneer Woman posted a great tutorial on making cake pops.

Anngela said...

I LOVE these cake pops--they are to die for! I have yet to try Starbucks, but I have a few friends that make them. Apparently the secret is to mix a frosting with your batter--either cream cheese, icing, butter cream etc to give it the moist texture. :)

Jennifer said...

I wanted to like them, but sadly I did not. I had the tiramisu flavor a couple weeks ago. The coffee bean on top was formed icing instead of an actual coffee bean - at Starbucks!

Heather Ozee said...

My favorite is the Tiramisu!