Sunday, October 30, 2011

Construction Zone

Here's what my studio looks like this weekend:

We're installing a new plank floor in the basement (site of Quilted Cupcake HQ), so everything had to be move to one side.  Man, what an undertaking this has been (mostly for my DH).  Why do DIY projects always take more time and money than you estimate?

Next step is to weed through all my stuff and re-organize.  That's the part I really like (no, seriously).  The studio needs a good thinning - already took a ton of stuff to the thrift store and gave away 9 boxes of scrapbook paper via Freecyle.  That's another thing I learned this weekend - it's hard to give things away!  I put the offer up, got 20+ responses.  Emailed the first reply, who said they'd be over in the morning, so I waited.  No show.  Set up another time, no show.  Finally went back to the replies 2 more times before a very nice young mom showed up to take it all.

Don't fear, my scrapbook buddies - I still have an XXL full of scrapbook paper.

I can't WAIT to get back in my studio.  It's driving me crazy waiting for hubby to finish the floor on side one.  Patience is not my strong suit.  But, it will be worth the wait.  Look how cool it is already:

I'm thinking of doing a Shabby Chic theme.  Stay tuned for more details.....

p.s. - the kids have been doing "planking" jokes all weekend - cracks me up!

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Michele said...

It's going to look so nice!

Sue said...

SO jealous of those people who can take you up on your free cycle offers!!

We have had a couple of no-shows with free cycle to. Frustrating but still worth it to pass something along to someone else. Enjoy your organizing!

Kathy said...

"Don't fear, my scrapbook buddies - I still have an XXL full of scrapbook paper."

OK, I'm here to say I had heart palpatations when I read that. I thought you had went over to the "quilty" side on a permanent basis...yikes. We can't and won't let that happen!!! We would miss you way too much.

The floor will look beautiful, and as you know from upstairs, so much easier to clean than the carpet.

Talk soon. Miss ya!

Happy Halloween!

LisaAnn said...

How cool for you! I love wood floors and love organizing my goodies. I don't love freecyclers who are no shows :( Jealous of them- I'm down to the end of my scrappy stash and have no budget for playing anymore.