Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holiday Finds and a Zombie Santa?

Found a bunch of great holiday decorations at the bi-annual Nearly New Sale.  Total paid for all: $3.50.  I love vintage holiday ornaments of all kinds - they definitely come with some history embedded.
Check out these hand-knit and crocheted bells and angels.  The small red and white bells even have small jingle bells in them.  The starched white bells are so dainty and pretty.  I send happy thoughts out to whoever made them.  Glad I could give them a good home.

The decorations were grouped and sold by the bag, and there were a few duds.  I didn't notice how freaky one of the Santas was until I was taking photos.  Does he look like strange, or have I just been too excited by the new season of The Walking Dead?  Creepy eyes, and what the heck are those weapons hanging from his belt?  I'm going with Zombie Santa.  Now, I kinda want to keep him.  He'll go well with my sparkly gold elf I found earlier this year.
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DianeP said...

Zombie Santa for sure! The tools hanging from belt must be his workshop tools to make toys for the little ones?? I'd like to believe that.... better than a zombie use?

Lindsey said...

How cute! I want to go find some vintage ornaments now. :)

Dana Gaffney said...

Oh my goodness, now I have to start looking for a zombie Santa, my daughter would love one. He's very cool.