Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Appliances are Plotting Against Me

Glad I took pictures of this lovely cinnamon roll cake, a recipe found of course on Pinterest. Super easy to make - uses the economy Pillsbury biscuits.  Here's the recipe link - it's called the Sticky Bun Breakfast Ring.

Check out the glazed goodness when you pop the pan over:

Turns out it was the last thing I made before my oven stopped working this weekend.  I believe it's been talking to the new dishwasher I had to buy last month, who was shamed by new refrigerator I bought in July.  I swear, that darn fridge has been secretly boasting about how shiny and new it is, making the other kitchen appliances feel bad.  They're all the same age (9), so that might have something to do with the sudden mutiny.  

Luckily, the hubby found the starter the oven needs, and he can fix it for about $80.  I'm very lucky to have a handy husband.  That man's saved us a lot of money over the years.

BTW, Anyone know where I can get earplugs for a microwave?  I don't want it to get any big ideas.....:)

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Erin said...

No ideas on the earplugs for your microwave, but that cinnamon roll cake looks amazing. Pinterest is evil :)

Quiltin Jenny said...

I feel certain that appliances make suicide pacts, because they never just go at once. One dies, and then all the other appliances in the house start getting ideas.