Monday, November 28, 2011

Cupcake Taggie Blanket: Supersized

Hope everyone had a super Thanksgiving weekend (for those in the US). I had lots of time for sewing on my new Janome machine - loving it!

I finished a bunch of new Etsy orders, including this custom Super-sized Taggie blanket. It's all cupcake flannels and fleece.  It's 48" x 48", with taggies all around.
It's such a joy to work with my favorite fabrics, and to know that this blanket will be going to a sweet little one year old for Christmas.  Just call me Santa Cupcake!

I like the back almost as much as the front. Super soft pink and white polka dot fleece - seriously? Like I could leave that at the store? No way!

Also, BTW, wanted to let everyone know that I am going to be doing another QuiltedCupcake Project Night Night Challenge in early 2012.  I decided to move it to after the holidays, so we'll all have more time to plan and quilt.  I hope we can beat last year's 20 quilts.

And, remember, Thrifty Thursdays resumes this week!  Get your linkies ready.

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