Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sewing the Perfect Tote Bag - a Gusset Trick

Creating the corners for a tote bag has always been a pain.  I like bags with a gusset - means they stand up and have more depth.  I've received so many happy comments about my Log Cabin Tote that I decided to make a few for my Etsy shop - this one is listed here.

I decided that if I was going to be making a bunch of bags, I needed a new gusset making method.  The old way I used was to trace a square in teach corner, and match up the line on each side, pinning lines to match up, then sew.  I realized that it would be easier to just cut the square out instead of dealing with the line.

The bonus of this method is that once you cut the first square from one bottom corner, you can use that square to cut the other 3 corners (for lining and bag outer).   So much easier to line up and sew.  And, no going back to trim the extra fabric. Look how nicely that lines up - a fool-proof corner.  

How did I not know about this method?  This may be one of those things that everyone else knows, but I'm late to the party.  Please PIN and share with your friends - I can't be the only one who never learned this one.


Niki said...

I certainly didn't know it.
Of course, i don't thnk i am quite ready for gussets yet, or bags for that matter.
Straight lines are getting better, though.

Linda said...

I had to make 40 little lined tote bags about 4 years ago and I used this trick. It saved me a LOT of grief! It's a wonderful way to keep lining and outer bag together, too.

Beth J said...

That is SO MUCH EASIER! Thanks!!!

raebethriv said...

I used to pull out the corners & match up the side & bottom seams, measure & sew across making a triangle. Then somewhere along the way I learned the cut out way! Its so much easier! So why do people do it the other way?!!! What would we do without the internet! lol