Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Favorite Christmas Ornaments

We put up our Christmas tree this weekend.  After a brief delay when I had to run out for more Twinkle lights, the ornaments are now on.  I love remembering the story behind each one!  Here are a few favorites:

  1. This is the oldest ornament on our tree.  I received it as a gift from my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Larson, in 1971.  It's survived 4 moves plus 41 years of packing and unpacking.  That's special!
  2. My sister Jan made this ornament using lace and trims from my wedding gown (which she also helped me to make) in 1989.
  3. First Ravens Super Bowl win in 2000 - a new one will be added this year!
  4. Statue of Liberty - we get ornaments from all the places we travel.
  5. This is a Santa rocket ornament for my hubby.  You push a button and it says "Merry Christmas Houston" - kids love that one!
  6. A Hallmark ornament from our first Christmas tree together.
  7. A patriotic soldier from Colonial Williamsburg
  8. New ornament from this year's Spark Your Holidays - with a big junk bow!

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Niki said...

I love getting out my ornaments and remembering how each one was acquired. thanks for sharing.